What is the Financial Choice Act?

Even if you're not an avid and always up-to-date political buff, chances are, you've probably heard of the Financial Choice Act of 2017, and the controversy that is currently surrounding it.

Supporters like Paul Ryan vigorously support the act, claiming that it will reverse the negative effects caused by the Dodd-Frank regulations. Supporters are operating from the theory that rolling back certain requirements imposed by the Dodd-Frank regulations will provide a much-needed boost for small-town banks, which have long been the lifeblood of small-town American communities.

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The Solar Industry's Attack On The Oil Industry

It is widely understood that the solar industry is a completely different energy sector than the oil industry. In no way are they connected at all and simple logic would suggest that any price changes in one of the industries really should have no affect on the other. However, this has proven to be false and they do indirectly affect one another where the economy is concerned.

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Fracking Adds $2 Billion to Texas Road Repair Costs

Fracking has been a controversial topic since it was introduced as a major way to extract natural gas from the Earth. It has definitely increased how much more the United States produces domestically, but it is not without its faults. As fracking expands we’re beginning to see some of the unintended consequences of the practice, such as an increase in road repair costs as evidenced in Texas.

Texas has been a leader in the petroleum industry for more than 100 years, but both the long and short-term impact of fracking on the residents and environment of the state is currently being studied. The state created a task force specifically to look into the issue and they released their report on Monday. The report, released by the task force created under instruction from the Academy of Medicine, Engineering, and Science of Texas, contained a mixture of both concerns and benefits that have occurred due to the oil boom in recent years.

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Effects On Health From Oil And Gas Emissions In Texas

The oil and gas (O&G) boom brought prosperity to Texas towns and pumped billions into the state economy. Nevertheless, residents worry that the benefits from the fracking activity come at a high cost. People complain of difficulty breathing, migraines and other health-related issues that started or became worse once drilling began in their community.

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Texas House Approves Bulletproof Vest Bill after Dallas Shooting

On May 17, 2017, the Texas House of Representatives passed a law allocating $25 million in grant money to purchase 50,000 rifle-proof vests for police officers across the state. This clears the way for Governor Abbott to sign the legislation which was passed by the Texas Senate in March.

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