Bonaire Travel: Snorkel lovers need to be welcomed for Bonaire Travel!

Bonaire Travel: Snorkel lovers need to be welcomed for Bonaire Travel!

When traveling professionals want to cool in the ocean they want to dive down and dive into a cute spot ... Bonaire National Marine Park. This wonderful Caribbean paradise has a fantastic reef that is on the lock to ensure that all marine animals and living organisms will endure for many years to come. This is the premier place for all trips in Bonaire.

Turn on your water gear and slide into the nice and cozy waters of Bonaire. You can now torn from the beach. The water is clear that you feel for yours in a swimming pool. As the reef is flourishing and healthy, there is an extraordinary amount of marine life that lives and coexists everywhere. The areas such as Armon Palms support and produce glimpses of reef squid, crustaceans and sea turtles. Slick Reef is a popular place to find worms and earrings.

These reefs are what the Bonaire travel show is about! Corals and fungi are implanted through the protected areas, where touch is a no no. Staghorn and Elkhorn corals are common throughout. Coral plants pump out new, subsequent generations and are very encouraging to those in marine biology. The island has a small additional fee for snorkeling and diving all year round and this cash is used to fund the reef and sea life support.

Be sure to bring your sunscreen and shades when your set for some Bonaire travels. You are sure to encounter serious sun. Bonaire is well-known for its dry, above average temperatures, not as sister islands throughout the Caribbean that fed rainforest plots everywhere. No matter what temperature it is always worth the trip and visit. The beautiful beaches, pristine waters and the abundance of marine life will hold you back for a few seconds. This is truly a snorkeling and scuba diving paradise. The amount of parrotfish, angelfish and various stemfish in your travels are just some of the remarkable species that you will encounter under the ocean. It eels, turtles and crabs everywhere. Its just the beginning ... there are thousands of species found in these places and its a travel paradise. This is Bonaire travel at its best, so be sure to bring your waterproof camera and some extra movies.

Lac Bay in Bonaire is a diver and snorkelers ultimate playground. You can frolick between small islands and snuggle back as much as you like. The water is so shallow that you may be better off walking than swimming ... most of the water is under your knees, so it makes close encounter with marine life once every day. When you finish the day, you definitely need to visit Wind & Surf Beach Hut for a fantastic fishing tackle.

Bari Reef is another diving and snorkeling must on the Bonaire itinerary. Again, there is extremely shallow water, which allows for an easy entrance. When you dunk your head under the surface, you immediately find yourself among swim eels, royal angels and blue tongs. Watch out where you move these rocks, because there is an okay everywhere. The variety of species is amazing and will definitely keep you on your toes!

Too much of a change of pace, go hang out at Salt Pier-this is one of the most popular places with any traveling guru. You will scan over a barrier of salt lines all the time and you can jump in the water and meet the big iron spikes, with tarpon, angel fish and barracuda flowing. Because there is a special way that the salt evaporates from the water, the colors you paddle can be pink, blue or green. Take definitely the camera, because there are not many places like this in the whole world. The coral guard protects these iron posts and bridges, so make sure that when you like this stop on your Bonaire Travel! The water, due to the salt evaporation process, can be blue, pink or green.

Move on Boca Slagbais water and hang with the friendly pink flames. What travel guru insists you enjoy the rocks ... and when we say enjoy the rocks, were talking about JUMPING! If heights are not really your thing, you can aim through the shallow water and enjoy the calm, coolness of everything. You will not face too much coral, but it does not have any fish. If you need to get out and dry off too little, you need to find a spot of petit, smooth beach area between the rocky shoreline.

Hi, I love the water as much as anyone else. And if you like any part of water you will fall head over heels that fall in love with this neck in the world. It will floor you with its beauty and warm, cozy water. If you snorkel and dive, you need to hover your travel guru and get a trip planned here as soon as possible. Being in the wild and enjoying wildlife is what its about when you go on your Bonaire Travel!

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